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| 30 th of Nov 2020 09:23 AM

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Affordable Eco-friendly Car Cleaning Products | NO-WET CarClean

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Location : KLEMZIG-SA-5087 (Australia Wide)


Do you support organic or eco friendly cleaning products? Ever wondered if you could wash your vehicle without wasting around 80 to 140 gallons of water? Do you hate those unattractive swirls and marks when your car's all dried out? Have you been thinking of a product that can clean your car anytime, anywhere even inside your extremely small garage or office parking lot?
If you answered yes to any or all these questions, then you should check out the products NO-WET Waterless CarClean.
No-Wet gives overall protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation, acid rain, bugs, bird droppings, road grime, pollution, salts, oxidation and paint fading.
Unlike your regular soap and other car cleaning products, NO-WET CarClean products use a more advanced formula to spotlessly clean your car. It has been proven that our products for waterless car wash are usually better than using water-based solutions.
Ditch the traditional water-and-soap method in washing your cars with NO-WET Waterless CarClean.
At NO-WET Waterless CarClean, our solutions are perfect for people who want to swiftly clean their cars with no access to running water.
Save time, money, and effort by using an all-in-one product like NO-WET CarClean. Enjoy a multipurpose and versatile solution. You can even use it on some of your household items that are made of steel, fibreglass, rubber, vinyl plastics, and even tiles.
Choose the easier and greener way. Choose NO-WET Waterless CarClean.
Contact us today by calling us at 0422 568 030 or by emailing us at You can also reach us through our Facebook Page


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